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Clean up your database design with this cool feature

I’ve probably read this a million times before realizing how useful of a feature it was in Rails.

Most people might be familiar with Single Table Inheritance (STI) where you use the same table for multiple subclasses that have the…

Part 2: Client Side Reactivity

When you have so many microservices each with their own db technology, and a data lake for analytics and analysis across a large company, then it really helps to not have to wait for those refresh cycles discussed in Part 1, especially if within that setup you maybe have data…

Part 1: That record is soooooo yesterday.

Having realtime data across your backend systems can be extremely valuable depending on its use. Whereas in the past you would have to maybe perform nightly jobs via batch ETL to keep different systems in sync, a lot of people today are using messaging systems like Kafka and RabbitMQ to…

Method Chaining in Java and Rails

In Functional Programing in Java,

there is a section I’m beginning to digest on Lazy Streams and the difference between intermediate and terminal operations.

With streams and method chaining, there is an interesting concept of having an infinite series over which you can operate. Since those operations are lazy…

A language comparison

One common pattern to use in programming is to write functions that can be stored in variables to be passed around to other functions and called in the future. …

Ken Hom

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